Tenant’s Requests

How to handle the Tenant’s request for additional security devices…

The tenant is entitled to make certain requests, described below. Generally an oral request is sufficient, unless the tenant has a written lease that requires the request or notice to be in writing. Such a provision must be underlined or in boldfaced print to be effective.

A tenant who makes a request authorized by statute is entitled to have the landlord take the requested action, but only at the tenant’s expense. If properly requested to do so, a landlord must install (1) a keyed dead bolt on an exterior door if the door has a doorknob lock but not a keyed dead bolt or if the door has a keyless bolting device but not a keyed dead bolt or doorknob lock; and (2) a sliding door pin lock or sliding door security bar if the door is an exterior sliding glass door without a sliding door pin lock or sliding door security bar. In the case of a tenant’s request made before January 1, 1995, in regard to the exterior door of a dwelling constructed before September 1, 1993, the landlord must install (1) a keyless bolting device if the door does not have a keyless bolting device; and (2) a door viewer if the door does not have a door viewer.

If the landlord has failed to install devices that he or she is obligated to install without waiting for a tenant request, the tenant may demand immediate compliance with the statute. Additionally, during the lease term and any renewal period, a landlord must repair or replace a security device on request or notification by the tenant that the security device is inoperable or in need of repair or replacement.

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