Selecting the Devices

Know your rights when it comes to choosing the Security Devices to be installed…

Except as otherwise required by the statute, a landlord may select the type, brand, and manner of installation, including placement, of a  security device. However, this provision does not apply to a security device installed, repaired, changed, replaced, or rekeyed by a tenant under Section 92.164(a)(1) or 92.165(1). Detailed provisions govern the height at which various bolting or  locking devices may be installed.

A security device that is installed, changed, or rekeyed in accordance with the Code becomes a fixture of the dwelling. Except as allowed by the  right to repair and deduct, a tenant may not remove, change, rekey, replace, or alter a security device or have it removed, changed, rekeyed, replaced, or altered without permission of the landlord.

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